A technological and commercial hub developed to manage agency and trading desk private deal flows with exclusive and branded formats.
An exclusive and independent melting pot between demand and offer.

Top Level

Oyster operates with top level editors through commercial agreements that allow price pre-determination.
The customer-oriented exclusive and dedicated positions and/or campaigns, help agencies define a remarkably high value-added offer.


Oyster offers its customers exclusive and branded formats specifically designed in full accordance with market standards.
Cross browser and cross device displays as well as interactivity, boost audience engagement.

Analytics &

The Oyster PMP platform relies on DMP systems that enable a constant and accurate user profiling.
Moreover, data collected after the service has been supplied, enables audience optimization to help us reach and engage audience.

About us

Patrizia Conte, CEO and founder of Oyster s.r.l. (an independent technology enabler), boasts a 20-year experience in the digital environment and has acquired know-how and expertise in Doubleclick (presently Google), Cairo, Libero.it, Leonardo, Universal Music and SHAA.
Oyster’s aim is to help all the people involved in the budget media planning and act as a link between agencies/trading desks and editors.

Patrizia Conte

How we work

Oyster’s goal is to offer its’ customers a simplified flow between the management
of premium editorial contents and highly engaging creativity.

L'offerta Oyster

Oyster offer

Oyster offers exclusive and unique solutions to customers, agencies and trading desks thanks to its distinctive ad space purchasing system, ad optimization tools and tracking systems integration.

Oyster: Dove


Oyster allows users to plan on toppremium editors thanks to its unique and customized offer.

Oyster: Come


Oyster optimizes flows and results by offering a combination between sites and formats to best fit and improve customer campaigns.
The exclusive Oyster formats, specifically designed according to international standards and in accordance with user web navigation, are the key tool in high generation performances.

Oyster: Quando


optimizing customer campaigns in real time and according to customer KPI.
The possibility to integrate customer data, before and after the service has been supplied, and offer an exclusive reporting tool (live) is the key factor offered by Oyster.

Available Formats

All of the Oyster formats are responsive, cross device and cross browser.

Formato Overlay


The best user engagement format thanks to the full screen overlay.
Overlay maximizes brand awareness
and multiple interaction on high impact media and guarantees the best performances in terms of CTR. Moreover, the vertical mode completes the mobile experience.

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Formato Floor X

Floor X

The floor cross device format offers great visibility.
It is fixed at the bottom of the page and collapses upon format expansion providing considerable scope to interactive creativity.

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Formato Box


The 300×250 format combines images and videos in a single horizontal or vertical scrolling gallery.
Oyster offers this solution in top and first scroll positions.

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Formato Veritcal


The 300×600 format specifically designed to catch the user’s attention and boost the navigation experience with galleries and vertical videos. The format is extremely visible and features a high level of integration between editorial content and advertisement.

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Our Editorial Partners

Our Commercial Partners

Mario Mele

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