About us

Patrizia Conte, CEO and founder of Oyster s.r.l. (an independent technology enabler), boasts a 20-year experience in the digital environment and has acquired know-how and expertise in Doubleclick (presently Google), Cairo, Libero.it, Leonardo, Universal Music and SHAA.

Oyster’s aim is to help all the people involved in the budget media planning and act as a link between agencies/trading desks and editors.

For this project, Patrizia Conte has set up a winning team with a partner who is dedicated and specialized in the launching of new and challenging business realitiesAlberto Todeschini. After a long and successful career in advertising companies as Mediamond, Tiscali and Ciamedianetwork, he has recently launched Quokka, a business reality aimed at investing in potential business startups – he has also invested in 5 companies in the digital industry.

«I was lucky to find an extremely qualified partner as Alberto Todeschini, who has a long experience in the market in general as well as in successful start up investments» says Patrizia Conte, «Alberto showed great interest in this project from the start. But there is more to this. In my past experiences I have learnt that teamwork is very important and essential to reach success. We are therefore cooperating with in-house developers who are actively working to implement distribution flows and tracking dashboards besides our premium formats.

Oyster’s ambition is to become the digital market “pearl”.

Patrizia Conte

Why choose us?

Oyster offers a unique Automated Guaranteed solution for programmatic direct buying by offering its clients, agencies and trade desks a unique ad space purchasing, programming and campaign optimization system as well as tracking system integration.

Our core competencies include:

  • Target optimization
  • Inventory Premium
  • Exclusive formats
  • Integration with DSP and SSP platforms
  • Private Deal
  • Transparent flow
  • Unique and specific reporting tools
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