How we work

Oyster offer

Oyster offers exclusive and unique solutions to customers, agencies and trading desks thanks to its distinctive ad space purchasing system, ad optimization tools and tracking systems integration.

L'offerta Oyster


Oyster allows users to plan on top premium editors thanks to its unique and customized offer.

Oyster: Dove


Oyster optimizes flows and results by offering a combination between sites and formats to best fit and improve customer campaigns.

The exclusive Oyster formats, specifically designed according to international standards and in accordance with user web navigation, are the key tool in high generation performances.

Oyster: Come


The dedicated Oyster team will be in charge of optimizing customer campaigns in real time and according to customer KPI.

The possibility to integrate customer data, before and after the service has been supplied, and offer an exclusive reporting tool (live) is the key factor offered by Oyster.

Oyster: Quando